PlanMK Consulation


Public Consultation until 6 April 2016 – full details on MKC website


29 Oct 2015 – Document now available online on the CMIS section of the MKC website

Plan:MK is the successor to the Core Strategy adopted in 2013 and takes planning up to 2031, with a vision for 35 years beyond that. Approval for the document to be released for public consultation will be considered at the MKC Cabinet meeting on 9 Nov. The document is now available online on the CMIS section of the MKC website.

There are 4 options, which came out of Vision Workshops held earlier this year, not from MKC Planning themselves. Sherington is one of the ‘Satellite Settlements’ in Option 3, which means at least 5000 homes, which will be sufficient to justify a secondary school. These are only directional options, not actual plans. MKC Planning have not endorsed any or even evaluated them.

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