Report Problems

If you notice something that needs fixing, the quickest way to get that done is to report it directly to Milton Keynes Council Via the REPORT IT form on their website. Please enter the email address into the section entitled ‘would you like to keep anyone else informed of your request’ to enable us to keep up to date on repairs and to avoid duplication.

Problem Contact
Potholes Milton Keynes Council – Highways
Use the Online Form
Faulty Streetlights Milton Keynes Council – Highways
Use the Online Form
Planning Applications

Comment on applications that affect you, submit an application, or view decision

Milton Keynes Council – Development Control
Visit MK Planning Website
Online Public Access System
Enquiries: Tel: 01908 252358
Refuse Collections

Missed collections, graffiti, dog fouling

Milton Keynes Council – Waste and Recycling
Tel: 01908 252570
Visit MK Waste & Recycling Website
Use the online form (General)
Use the online form (Dog Fouling)
Noise Disturbance

Parties, alarms, businesses etc

Milton Keynes Council – Environmental Health
Tel: 01908 252398 (office hours)
Tel: 01908 226699 (out-of-hours service, i.e. evenings/weekends)
Dog bins, Sports Pavilion, Perry Lane Sports Field, Stonepits Copse, Village Hall Play Area Sherington Parish Council
Contact the Parish Clerk: Lauren Scott
Tel: 07494760791
Allotments Privately Owned – Bedford Road
Information: please contact the clerk who will forward your inquiry.

Useful Contact Information

Parish Council Clerk (Interim):

  • Jacqueline Galloway
  • 07494 760791


  • Peter Palmer
  • 07710 242521

Other council members

Enquire Using Our Form