“MK Can” Guinness world record attempt update:

We have had a fantastic response to our participation in this event, thank you all for your enthusiasm.  

Any donated cans are being received on behalf of SPC by Squirrel Stores at the White Hart – (normal store opening hours only please).  Our grateful thanks to them.  

People are already donating cans, which is fantastic – but it’s important that our donations are of produce the food bank really need and can put to good use.  

There are 9 CANNED items the Food Bank are looking for specifically, so if donating please will you try to choose a mix of the following listed items.   

132,000 cans of baked beans won’t really achieve the desired result!!

The first 8 on the list are available in standard size cylindrical cans, but canned fish can vary in shape 

The Food Bank need a good mix of items – from a handling & logistics point of view for the event though, although we will very happily accept all donations, we may need to set aside any irregular shaped cans and deliver them to the Food Bank separately as a bonus donation.  

These are the items needed for the effort:

1 Fruit

2 Vegetable (carrots, peas, potatoes, corn etc)

3 Soups

4 Puddings/Creamed rice etc

5 Tomatoes

6 Spaghetti (Hoops, Alpha etc)

7 Baked Beans 

8 Meat (curry, stew, sausage, pie)

9 Fish (tuna, sardines, pilchards etc)

Thank you all in advance so much for your generosity – every single can will go to the food bank. 

Sherington Parish Council. 

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