3 thoughts on “DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting 10th January

  1. I have read the minutes and am quite disappointed with the paucity of the detail contained in them around the public discussion on the closure of the permissive paths.
    I know, having been a Sherington parish councillor previously, that it is not possible to capture all the comments but this summary is not adequate.
    I see the minutes are in draft format, so does that assume an updated version will be published soon containing a more detailed and accurate reflection of what was said and agreed?
    For example, I note that the request to see the legal advice received by Councillor Shires is captured, but not his agreement to share this with the residents via this website. Please can this request be actioned promptly?

  2. I don’t believe I’ve received a response to my last comment regarding these minutes.
    Common courtesy would be that I should!
    Thank you.

    1. Good afternoon Mel
      I am so sorry not to have replied sooner, but I have only just taken up the post as Clerk and am still finding my feet. Obviously I cannot speak for previous Clerks but hopefully I will get up to speed soon and the website along with minutes etc will be managed better.
      Kind regards
      Jacqueline Galloway
      Clerk for Sherington Parish Council

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