Flood Management – Sherington

The main Flood Risk in Sherington is the run-off water on road surfaces.

The way to reduce the risk of future flood incidents is the management of the run-off water in the ditches ;

and keeping gulleys; drains and culverts clear and free flowing.

The Community can actively engage in flood prevention by being aware of the water flow and the risks

and by identifying and reporting concerns with obstructions in ditches, drains, gullies & culverts.

Improvements since the Dec 2020 Flood

We area also improving safety for vehicles, pedestrians and other road users by working to keep the water of the roads.

Spring 2023 Landowners / MKCC / Caretaker / Volunteers

  • Ditch Clearances Gun Lane, High Street, Water Lane
  • Gullies and Drain Clearance Gun Lane

Winter 2022 MKCC High Street at Manor Farm

  • Increased capacity of ditch and addition of two new grips

Summer 2022 Developer SUDS at Sherington Grange

  • Implementing improvements to ensure the SUDS functions correctly as a holding pond at times of high rainfall

Spring 2022 MKCC Carters Close/Crofts End

  • Identifying the root cause – using specialist equipment to collect images in the full drain system at the location
  • Flush through of gullies and drains
  • Construction of new Drainage pipework and restoration of pathway

Nov 2021 MKCC High Street Sherington Grange to Gun Lane Junction

  • Major Works (3 day road closure) to remove intrusive vegetation & restore ditches and culverts
  • Flush trough of Gullies and Drains
  • Construction of new drains and culvert reinforcement
  • and restoring the road markings (at the same time refreshing all white road markings across the Village)

Autumn 2021 Volunteers High Street to Sherington Grange

  • clearing ditches along High Street – removing vegetation and overhanging hedges (and tree branches)
  • engaging with MKCC to request support for Highway and Landscape improvements

August 2021 Report of Dec 23rd Flood published

Summer 2021 Volunteers / Caretaker High Street Centre to Sherington Grange & Gun Lane

  • clearing vegetation along High Street to allow monitoring of the flow in the ditches
  • supporting the Consultant with detail pinpoint input to the Flood Report (23rd Dec 2020)
  • clearing drains and the ditch along Gun Lane

Spring 2021 Volunteers High Street to Alban Hill

  • photographing and recording the incidents of water on the road ways
  • building a map of the installation of ditches culverts drains and gullies
  • finding and reopening gullies and drains
  • identifying the main concern and prioritising

Flood Report – 23rd December 2020 (published in August 2021)

Following the Major Flooding Incident on 23rd December 2020 following an extended period of heavy rainfall.

MKCC employed a consultancy to review the event and make recommendations for the Future.

The consultants report is attached for your reference –

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