Flood Management – General

On the MKCC Website you will find useful information to help you prepare for floods if you live near a watercourse and what to do if there is a flood. https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/highways/road-gullies-and-flooding/flooding

How flooding in MK is managed or prevented, visit the Flood and Water Management section.

In the detail there is a handy 5-step guide – What to do in a Flood Emergency

For information about flooding on a road or footway including how to report a blocked road gully,

visit our page on Gullies and flooding on the highway.

In the detail there is a useful factsheet for Riparian Owners – Watercourse Management

Flooding – Minimising the Risk

If you would like to explore further – The Environment Agency has published an interesting document:-

Flooding – minimising the risk. Flood plan guidance for communities and groups. Practical advice to help you create a flood plan.

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