Application Process for Affordable Housing (Rental) at the High Street (Barwood Homes Development)

Within the Barwood Homes development on the High Street there will be 9 houses for rent and 2 for shared ownership. In both cases priority will be given to applicants with a local Sherington connection.  This local connection is defined as follows:

  1. Having lived in the Parish of Sherington for three (3) years or more out of the last five (5) years.


  1. Working at least sixteen (16) hours per week or more within the boundaries of the Parish of Sherington.


  1. Providing personal or physical support to a family member resident in the Parish of Sherington enabling that person to live independently in the community.

The allocation of the affordable rental properties will be managed by Milton Keynes Council.  The process is as follows:

1. Applications for housing is based on housing need.
2. The allocation of properties is managed by the Housing Access Team, the manager of the Housing Access team is Dawn Wilson.
3. If an individual or family wish to apply for housing an appointment will be made for an assessment on the Allocation Scheme by an Officer in the Neighbourhood Team.
4. An officer will notify the applicant within a week of the assessment and the outcome of the banding awarded (currently bands 1-5) new allocation scheme will be band A-C and the qualification with local connection will be established.

Detailed information on MKC’s “Housing Options and Allocation Scheme” can be found by downloading the document from their website (the document is on the left hand side):

Milton Keynes Council – Housing Web Page

In the first instance therefore contact needs to be made with the MKC Housing Dept in order to make an appointment for assessment.

MK Council: 01908 691691 and ask for the Housing Department

Please contact the Clerk and Brian Watts with any feedback.

The application process for the shared ownership properties will be published in due course.

Useful Contact Information

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  • Jacqueline Galloway
  • 07494 760791


  • Peter Palmer
  • 07710 242521

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