PlanMK Consultation Response

Sherington Parish Council is in general agreement with the direction being taken in Plan MK with the main development being to the south and west of Milton Keynes and redevelopment of brownfield sites. This was our preferred option in previous submissions to MK council, and we presented arguments for this. This proposal also dovetails well with the central government plans for an Oxford to Cambridge Expressway which would utilise the A421 in the south of Milton Keynes as part of it route.

Under the umbrella of our Neighbourhood Plan, we also realise the need for further housing in the villages, of which we are one.

Moving forward we have some reservations regarding development east of the MI motorway and the ‘A509 corridor’, plans that would be considered from 2031 but potentially earlier.

We are not against the principle of this but any development must be preceded by substantial improvement in the infrastructure of the area and/or a change in travelling behaviour.  Even at present, the A509 is severely congested in the mornings and evenings as people travel by car to and from Milton Keynes. It is commonplace in the mornings for the queue for the roundabout south of Newport Pagnell to start at the turn to Sherington by Alban Hill nursery as cars come up the Emberton bypass.

This pushes drivers to route through Sherington Village and then Newport Pagnell worsening the congestion through those routes.

This situation could only be exacerbated by further building in this area without a lot of prior thought to transport logistics.



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