Village Caretakers Report Oct 2021

Caretakers Musings October 2021

The following is a list of things being done and propositions for future improvement.

  1. Willow tree has been cut back along with its surrounds in attempt to give more parking spaces. This though does not significantly improve the problem with parking when a football match is being played. I have taken pictures of the situation and noted up to 32 vehicles parked in the area around the pavilion and in front of the garages. This number will greatly increase when people are attending a function inside the Pavilion. My proposal is to extend the parking area by adding a 10m strip to the existing car park and to remove most of the mound as well.
  2. I am improving the external Pavilion lighting using LED lights to replace the dull bulbs at present in place.
  3. With the installation of the new external doors, I would like to move the internal Partition towards the rear of the building to restrict access from the football teams to the rest of the pavilion and vice versa. This is in the main a low-cost exercise as I will be using the original frame and door to achieve this.
  4. New signs specifying the correct entrances to the building are required.
  5. Can we negotiate with the Line painter to place a Respect line on both long sides of the pitch to fall in line with FA recommendations?
  6. Had a request from the Football teams to thin out and reduce the Hedging behind the Perry Lane goal.
  7. I am going to barrier off the kicking area at the end of the month to allow the new grass to grow stronger over winter. The MUGA can be used instead.
  8. I was approached by a villager and asked if the PC would donate £80 to replace the tree by Philip Smiths’ stone as it has died again.
  9. With the grass cutting season completed. I would like for next year to extend the grass cutting area to include both verges in Gun Lane from the 30mph sign down to the entrance to Church Farm. This would then allow walkers somewhere to stand when cars are approaching.
  10. Hedging at junction of Crofts and School Lane needs cutting back and controlling, this is PC land
  11. I will be meeting with the Dog bin supplier in the next week to discuss the location of the new bin at Barwoods.
  12. The village needs to give some consideration as to the Queens Jubilee next year and the possible lighting of a Beacon on the top of the mound and any other celebrations. It would be nice to see it all joined up with a village event.


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