Statement regarding Post Office Services in the Shop

The Post Office has suspended operations within the shop pending an operational review.  They cannot say when this will be completed, however, they are fully committed to working with us to provide Post Office services in Sherington. In case the Post Office services permanently cease from the shop we are, with the Post Office, investigating alternatives.

Summary of the letter from the Post Office with respect to the operation in the shop in Sherington:

Branch Temporary Closure

We are writing to advise you that, for operational reasons, the above branch closed temporarily on 8 November 2019.  Please accept my apologies for the late notification on this occasion.

We are working to restore Post Office services in the local area and I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this temporary closure may cause locally.


Sherington MK16 9PB – Letter from PO

Sherington MK16 9PB – Poster from PO

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