Parish Council Elections, Councillor Candidates – Process for Nominations

The Parish Council elections will take place on Thursday 2nd of May

For those of you that wish to be a candidate for the role of Parish Councillor for Sherington, here is what you should do:

  1.  Contact the Clerk to request the Nomination Pack and Candidate Guide.  You can request this in either soft or hard copy.  If you request a soft copy, you will need to print it off and complete it by hand.
  2. You will need a proposer and seconder who must be electors of Sherington.  You will need their Electoral Number.  If you don’t know the numbers, supply the Clerk with the names and addresses and he will provide you with the numbers.
  3. You have an option to require that your home address is not printed on the ballot papers.
  4. You may declare affiliation with a political party if you wish (Sections 2 & 3). If not, then don’t complete these sections.
  5. Contact the Clerk once your Nomination Pack is complete and he will arrange to collect it.  It has to be collected by hand.
  6. Bear in mind that all Nominations have to be submitted to the Returning Officer by Wednesday 3rd April, so please ensure you have contacted the Clerk in good time.


Useful Contact Information

Parish Council Clerk (Interim):

  • Jacqueline Galloway
  • 07494 760791


  • Peter Palmer
  • 07710 242521

Other council members

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