Public hearing for Neighbourhood Plan 12th April 10.30 am @ Pavilion

Mr Andrew Ashcroft has been appointed to carry out the examination of Sherington Neighbourhood Plan. As part of the examination, a hearing will be held on Wednesday 12 April 2017 between 10.30 and 13.00.

The hearing will start at 10.30 and will take place in the Sports Pavilion, Perry Lane, Sherington.

The hearing is open to the public, but participation in the discussion is at the invitation of the Examiner only. Invited participants have been contacted individually.

The examination will focus on;

·         Paragraph 77 of the NPPF comments that ‘Local Green Space designation will not be appropriate for most green areas or open spaces’. In this context is it appropriate for the parcel of land concerned to be designated as Local Green Space in the submitted Plan?

·         Is the parcel of land demonstrably special to the local community and does it hold a particular local significance?

For the avoidance of any doubt the hearing will not address the proposed designation of land to the south-west of St Laud’s Church as a local green space.


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