Annual Audit 2015/16 Electors’ Rights

Confirmation regarding the exercise of electors’ rights


Local Council Name:  Sherington Parish Council


The Council must inform the electorate of a 30 day period during which electors’ rights may be exercised.

The inspection period must include the first 10 working days of July 2016


The elected period commences on: 1st July 2016

And ends on: 12th August 2016


The date appointed by the Council for the exercise of electors’ rights has been set as: 13th August 2016.


Signed: Tracey Young                                                                     Date: 21st May 2016

Position held: Clerk/RFO for Sherington Parish Council

Useful Contact Information

Parish Council Clerk (Interim):

  • Jacqueline Galloway
  • 07494 760791


  • Peter Palmer
  • 07710 242521

Other council members

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