Minutes of BarnCo meeting Nov 2021

Minutes of Barnco Meeting

Date – 9th Nov 2021


Michael Nokes (Lead)

Alistair Meldrum

David Keen

Ian Hindler

Apologies – Giles Fern



Second meeting to discuss and agree next points.

In general the BarnCo team are committed to the success of this project and to work alongside the SPC to delivery a sustainable valuable facility for the Sherington Villagers.


Item Number Comment Action by Date to be actioned.
1 Discussed PC meeting on 21st June – and approved PC funds and confirmation of items agreed – (£30k from Sale of unit, ~£30k from SPC)


MN to discuss with SPC Before next BC meeting
2 Service agreement – WH need to provide the outline of a service agreement in relation to the provision of funds from SPC – this then would be provided to the SPC for approval. Keith/WH to provide Before next BC meeting
3 Agreement for the Portacabin removal.

Need to confirm the responsibility for the preparation of an agreement for the removal of the current unit. Including (but not excluding):

·         How the unit will be physically collected.

·         Disconnection of services

·         Internal Fixtures and fittings (is the unit ‘Sold as seem’)

·         Return of land to ‘usable’ state


MN to discuss with SPC to confirm.

Before next BC meeting
4 Process of for approval and processing WH invoices:

·         Invoices to be submitted to SPC Clerk &  BarnCo on last Tuesdays of each month.

·         BarnCo formally advise that invoices are Okay to settle.

·         BarnCo will advise where the funds would be budgeted from (ensure does not excess max budget)

MN to discuss with SPC to confirm  
5 WH will claim back any relatable or relevant VAT.    

Next meeting WC 13th Dec – Time TBC – Venue D Keene’s house.

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