Lathbury Mineral Extraction Response to 18/00009/MIN

Sherington Parish Council response to 18/00009/MIN

Sherington PC accepts the fact that minerals extraction from this site has been agreed in principle
but cannot fully support this application as there are shortcomings in the mitigation of extraction to
residents of Sherington and local business.

1. Bund height and placement is a key concern of residents as the heights have already been
reduced from 5 meters in earlier draft consultations to just 3 meters. There is also a 10 meter high
wash plant in view of the village and local shooting centre with no bunding at all from certain
angles. The haul road to the north-west bound of the site has no bunding at all on the Sherington
side, affording residents no protection visually, no buffering from noise and minimal protection from
dust migration. This road is also in the direct line of sight of the local shooting centre with no useful
visual mitigation. Sherington PC feel that more bunding to these areas is necessary to mitigate
disruption to the residents and one of our local businesses.

2. Sherington PC understands that there will be a liaison committee set up and welcomes the
opportunity to sit on this committee. We are concerned that the committee may lack the power to
promote the views of local residents and hold the applicant to account as the application gives no
detail as to who will give the liaison committee the teeth it requires to make the case for local
residents. The application needs to make clear the powers of the committee and what powers and
means of recourse it will have.

3. In the application there is no detail as to how the applicant will be held to account on timescales.
If there is a drop-off in the demand for the output and/or availability of infill for import to the site
over it’s 7-10 year lifespan, how will these targets be met?

4. Given the prevalence of satellite navigation, the most common concern of residents from
Sherington is that drivers may occasionally blindly follow their devices and drive through the village
to head north onto the A509 towards Olney or when coming from the north through Olney to the
extraction site. There are no specific mitigation measures in the application for this risk, such as
specific no entry signs for extraction traffic at entrances to Sherington. Sherington PC could only
support an application which offers better mitigation within the site traffic management plan of the
risk of site traffic accidentally or otherwise driving through the village.

5. Sherington PC has received comment from it’s biodiversity advisors (please see attached for full
document) on the proposed biodiversity enhancement feature. In summary, they suggest that the
applicant should include:
i. A study into the connectivity of the biodiversity enhancements within the site and how
these are incorporated into the Milton Keynes green corridors.
ii. A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) for the site and surrounding
habitats to include details of protection for retained habitats.
iii. A long-term Habitat Management Plan (HMP) including details of habitat enhancement
and management for the lifetime of the development. This should cover matters
including mitigation locations, planting management scheme, funding and mechanisms for
delivery as well as sustainability and monitoring of the wetland enhancements.

6. Sherington PC has also received comment from it’s town planning advisors (please see
attached for full document) on the application. They suggest:
i. That the noise assessment is checked with a true source height used for the wash plant.
ii. A bund with landscaping is provided along the eastern side of the haul route to protect
Sherington from truck movement noise and operational noise. This would also aid the visual
screening of activities.
iii. Signage is provided at the turn offs to Sherington from Sherington Road and the A509 to
stipulate ‘no through route for quarry traffic’.
iv. An agreement is reached to prevent quarry staff from moving around on the east side of the
bund during shooting days.

In conclusion, Sherington PC could only support an application which accommodates the above
points and pledges to:
1. A site visit with the primary aim of considering the potential detriment to a mature and valued
village business

2. Provide proportional mitigation measures to residents of the village in light of the unwelcome
disruption that minerals extraction within the parish brings

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