Minutes – September 2015

Minutes of the Meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday 1st September 2015 at Sherington Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs I Collinge (Chair), A Thatcher, R Johnstone, A Hughes, W Bush and E Caldwell

ALSO ATTENDING: : Ward Cllr Geary, Ward Cllr McLean, Ward Cllr D Hosking, Hannah Balazs (Clerk) and fourteen members of the public.

Cllr Rebecca Constantine.


The minutes of the meeting held on 4th August 2015 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman Cllr I Collinge.


4.1 Cllr Geary apologised that Cllr Hosking will join later.

4.2 Cllr Geary advised the Mineral Local Plan has been delayed for another month and will now be in November 2015 with the consultation closing in January 2016

4.3 Cllr McLean advised that it has been printed in the Phonebox Magazine that the Sainsbury’s Development in Olney is going to the Development Control meeting for approval.

4.4 Cllr Collinge advised that MKC have now carried work out along Bedford Road and it has had patch worked carried out and are due back next week to resurface.


5.1. The clerk advised that she has followed up a complaint regarding busses stopping on the opposite side of the road of the bus stop near the school. MKC has advise that the route is not very popular so busses only stop when flagged down and have requested to know if there has been a change in circumstances. The clerk will look further into this. Action: HB

5.2. The clerk advised that the combined role for the caretaker and cleaner has now been advertised in the SCAN and on the website and will also be putting up on the notice boards.Action: HB

5.3. After receiving a request from a booking at the Village Hall to have a BBQ the PC have declined and suggested BBQ’s more suited to the Pavilion. Any future VH booking who wish to use the play area for overflow of any type need to apply to the PC for approval. Hannah will advise Jackie Inskipp of this request for all future bookings. Action: HB

5.4. Jackie Inskipp has advised of a few issues in the village – The dark spot outside no 4 and no 6 Church Road: Hannah will contact MKC to see if this can be dealt with and the cost before any decisions are made. The leak outside no 1 The Knoll and Church Road will be reported again. Action: HB

Cllr Bush gave an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, the latest minutes are on the website, the results are now in from the Village Survey and results will be available at the public meeting on Saturday 5th September from 10:30am to 12:30pm at the village hall. The steering group received good news in July from Bob Wilson at MKC advising they are still going ahead with Site Allocations but is happy to leave the choice of preferred sites in the village to the steering group. Cllr Collinge advised he had an action to submit grant and confirmed this has now been done; Hannah will need to advise details of bank account and to keep track of the funding. Action: HB


7.1 Village Shop – Cllr Johnstone confirmed the shop has now been signed over and all relevant details and documents have now been completed. Hannah needs to receive a copy of the documents. ACTION: RJ

7.2 Pavilion – Cllr Caldwell gave an update – Job Vacancy has now been advertised and confirmed the working party spoke to the current staff and they understood the change of role and understood that they could apply for the new combined role. Going to contact Mark Tite for training on the line painting and so others are aware of how this works so can be covered during annual leave. ACTION: EC

7.3 Perry Lane Car Park – Stephen Kennedy asked why MKC has only repaired half of the car park and Cllr Collinge advised that MKC and the PC are each responsible for half. Hannah is currently awaiting a reply from MKC giving a quote for the repairs once this is received the PC will look further. Another resident has advised of fireworks being set off at 11pm and also advised that all functions need to be finished by 2330 for respect of the neighbours. The resident also brought up about their not being correct drainage and residents using the car park over night. Cllr Caldwell advised that the gates are being locked again and the area is very hard to permanently police the area – signage is in the process of being made and will be up in due course. ACTION: HB

7.4 Village Hall Play Area Litter Bins – MK Playground Maintence team also want to see the recycling option of bins in the area but they do not have the budget at the moment. They have placed lids on the bins and said they are now emptying the bins fortnightly. Since the lids have been placed on the bins there has been no over spill of litter or any sign of the bird pulling rubbish out. Cllr Geary advised there is the Play Area Improvement Grant that we could apply for next year around about March 2016.

7.5 Village Hall Play Area seats – All of the Cllrs approved to purchase the Classic Seat for the Village Hall Play area to be situated near the swings at the top of the park. ACTION: HB

7.6 Stonepits – This area is very overgrown and Cllr Johnstone offered to mow with is tractor – Thank you very Much Cllr Johnstone. Action: RJ

Cllr Collinge proposed this motion to withdraw from the Selected Village Status. Ward Cllr Geary advised that this is a difficult subject given the current level of consultation around the subject. Cllr Bush and Ward Cllr Geary advised the village should not be quick to break the good relationship beginning to be built with MKC Planning office. Ward Cllrs invited to attend the Village meeting on Saturday 5th September 2015. The Village survey only had the option of 20 to 40 houses and not the option for 0 – Need to investigate this further to make an informed decision as to the villages opinion on this. A resident advised that need to stay within the Localism Act 2011 as this requires the village to comply with planning regulations, environment.
It was agreed to delay until more is known.


9.1 The monthly balances have not been completed in time for the Parish Council Meeting due to the online details still being help by the previous clerk. Hannah is going to issue these once she received the bank statements and will also get the final details confirmed with HSBC.ACTION: HB

9.2 Approve Cheques for payment – Approved

N Beal Pavilion Cleaner £42.00 102341
AK Fire Ltd Service at Pavilion £60.00 102342
Zurich Insurance Shop £128.01 102343
Sherington Village Hall Hall Hire £13.00 102344
Bucks Playing Field Ass Subscription £20.00 102345
Anglian Water Pavilion Utilities £74.53 102346
Martin Feasey Pavilion Caretaker £50.00 102347
Hannah Balazs Clerk’s Salary £202.32 102348
Hannah Balazs Pavilion Bookings £50.00 102349
Hannah Balazs Clerks Expenses £16.24 102350
Bucks CC Neighbourhood Plan £57.00 102351


10.1. Reference 15/01994/FUL – 14 School Lane – Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension and loft conversion (Resubmission of 14/02698/FUL) – The PC has no adverse comments. Action: HB

10.2. Reference 15/02082/ADV – Chichley Hill Roundabout at junction A509 and Bedford Road Chicheley – Advertisement consent to display four non illuminated signs – The PC has no adverse comments. Action: HB

10.3. MKC Decisions – None.


11.1 The Olney Forum is coming up soon Cllr Hosking will advise Hannah of the date. Action: HB




13.1 Stephen Kennedy advised and wanted to make the PC aware that someone is using a Drone in the Village and the other day this went from the Pavilion all the way down to the High Street. Cllr Geary advised these can only be used on private land and only fly up to 500ft and no further than 40 meters away from property. There are regulations on the use of Drones. Hannah will place in the SCAN so people are aware. Action: HB

13.2 Oliver Powell: last year a planning application was pushed off the agenda should there be a separate panel/ group that views all of the planning applications Cllr Collinge advised that the PC discuss every application and if the deadline is before the next PC meeting then an extra meeting will be called to discuss it or if this is not possible the clerk will contact MKC to ask for an extension on the deadline. Oliver would like this added to the PC Code of Conduct – All PC agreed. Car Parking seems to be more of an issue on Parish Land should the PC start issuing notices to these cars – the PC all agreed to this. Oliver sent an email to Hannah – Hannah explained that she is currently going through emails and catching up on matters. Action: HB

13.3 A resident from Gun Lane has requested that the 30 mile per hr signs are moved closer to the gate way as there is a lot of speeding along the road and there are no footpaths. Ward Cllr Geary advised there are legal processes to this but we can contact MKC and ask them to add this to their list when they change other areas speed limits they may hopefully get this done.Action: HB

13.4 Stephen Kennedy – if we purchase x4 20 mile speed limit signs for each entrance into the village would this not reduce the speeding within the village. Cllr Collinge advised this is for the Neighbourhood Plan.


14.1. Cllr Thatcher asked for an update of the dog fouling issue – Hannah advised she is in the process of completing this. Action: HB

14.2. The cars at the end of Crofts end seem to be building up there are rumours around the village that someone is selling cars from that location – All cllrs agreed that this is because of all the building work going on at the property.
Ward Cllr Geary advised to contact Andy Hickman to advise of the issue he is the village’s PSCO. Action: HB

14.3. 105 trees have been ordered now and Cllr Thatcher also requested Dogs on Lead signs which is currently in processAction: HB

The next Parish Meeting will be at the Village hall and will be on 6th October 2015 commencing at 7.30 pm. There being no further business the meeting ended at 2130hrs

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